Befriending Service

Three of the Churches in Caldmore work together as part of our commitment to support the local community. The Befriending Service has been set up after discussions with the Social Services department of Walsall MBC identified the need.


Most people have times in their lives when things are tough – it can make it easier if you have a friend to talk to. Some people are very isolated and don’t get chance to make friendships, others may be recently bereaved or a new mum at home with a baby or someone caring for a sick relative – there are many reasons why people may need a friend.


The befriending service aims to match volunteers who are able to give time and friendship to those who need help, either temporarily or regularly over a longer period of time. All the volunteers are trained to offer support, friendship and encouragement in the local community.

Volunteers will also signpost clients to other organisations and can offer other services run by the Caldmore Triangle Churches


All volunteers have an enhanced criminal record check and undergo training on child protection.


Referrals currently come through Social Services, and the service only begins once the client has agreed to the referral.


Support, Acceptance, Friendship, Encouragement - a service which is completely SAFE. Use the phone number to contact us if you want to know more.